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What is Evercore Heroes?


Evercore Heroes is a Competitive PVE session-based game where you will play as part of a team of powerful heroes that will compete with three other teams to prove you're the world's greatest team of heroes!

Power up your heroes, charge the Evercore, and survive difficult encounters or face elimination! Two teams will remain and will face each other in an epic head-to-head event to decide who's the best team of heroes!

Is the game PVE or PVP?


It's Competitive PVE. You'll have to be skilled at the PVE game but also have to strategize and respond to the other teams' actions. You choose the best team composition and how to power up your Heroes. Every map offers chances to give your team an advantage or to disrupt rival teams. Find the best strategy, play with skill, and your team will come out on top!

What do I get if I pre-order?


By pre-ordering before June 20th, you'll receive an exclusive Beko Skin.

Regardless of whether you pre-ordered, all tiers above will gain access to the Founders' Battle Pass, which includes exclusive Evercore-themed skins, emotes, hero voice lines, and in-game currencies. The Founder's Battle Pass never expires.

What Heroes do I get?


All players will receive the heroes Beko, Fyn, Shade, and Zari for free upon logging into the game when live. Depending on the tier selected above, this is expanded with Sydian, Lotus (Founder tier), Blink (Legend tier) and Cynder (Evercore Hero tier).

Do I need to register again if I already have an account?


You will not have to sign up for or need to use your Vela account to purchase a Founders Pack.

When purchasing the Founders Pack, please provide an email that you have access to. A few days before the start of the Closed Beta, we will send you an activation key via email. This key will allow you to redeem all the purchased content and exclusive items. We will provide you with more information on creating your account closer to the Closed Beta date.

What is Xsolla? Why do I see that name?


Vela Games has partnered with Xsolla to handle the sale of Evercore Heroes. Xsolla is a trusted partner in the gaming industry that offers a wealth of experience and support for multiple currencies and payment methods. This will ensure a smooth purchasing experience for players all over the world. Thanks to this partnership, Vela Games can concentrate on providing an outstanding gaming experience while Xsolla handles payment processing and regional considerations.

What are Friend Keys?


You can redeem Friend Keys for Closed Beta access, but only the person who bought the corresponding pack receives its content. You can send the Friend Key to a chosen friend who can access the Closed Beta for free, without the benefits that come with purchasing the tier.

You'll receive these friends keys around the time the closed beta starts.

What regions is the Closed Beta for?


The Closed Beta will be operating in North America and Europe. While players from other regions may be eligible to purchase and play, they must do so knowing game servers will be located in North America and Europe only, which may impact their individual network performance.

If you want a more comprehensive perspective, you can refer to this map to identify the countries where Evercore Heroes will be accessible.

Is the game region locked?


In Closed beta we will have active servers in both Europe as North America.

We will open up registration and the ability to purchase the Founders Pack on a wider scale than just these regions. Please check out the store if this includes you!

Do keep in mind that if you are from a region outside of Europe or North America and you'd like to play this might lead to a higher latency playing our game at this time, so test at your own discretion!

We will be looking into expanding our available regions and servers in the future!

What platforms does Evercore Heroes launch on?


Evercore Heroes will only be available on PC for Closed Beta.

When do I get the Discord role?


Roles in Discord to be granted during the Closed Beta.

What is the additional currency?


This currency is used within the game. It is valued in either EUR or USD, depending on the user's region. It is in addition to currencies earned in the Battlepass.

How does the battlepass work?


Our current Founders Pass will hold a Premium Battlepass that will never expire if you are a Founder. This means you can complete it at your own speed and leisure by playing the game to unlock all the content it contains, which will be yours to keep.

The Founders Battlepass will hold two tracks. The Premium Founders Battlepass and a Free Battlepass for everybody playing during the Closed Beta period.

The Free Battlepass will only be available during the Closed Beta period and will expire afterward.

Will Founders have an advantage?


Founders will not have any in-game advantage, though the Closed Beta is a good opportunity to learn the game ahead of everyone being able to play!

What is available to unlock in Evercore Heroes?


Outside of the Founders Pack you can buy a variety of cosmetic items as well as heroes. Nothing that you can buy will give you a direct advantage in the game and you will be able to unlock all playable heroes by playing the game.

Will the game be localized?


We're working on adding multiple languages, but the closed beta will only be in English for now. But don't worry, we'll be expanding our language options as we continue developing.

System requirements




Windows 10 64-Bit


10 GB


Intel Core i5-6400 / AMD Ryzen 5 2400 G


Radeon HD 7970, 3 GB / GeForce GTX 780, 3 GB


DirectX 11, DirectX 12 recommended